Thursday, 19 June 2014

What's In a Name?

If You Think "Black Parrot Seaside" is stupid

    Don't read any further! The previous Blog post aroused some interest. (Collector's item!).  The lyric in " Sleep Town" mentions "Asthma Sunrise," who by dint of getting a song credit, became an alter ego and part of the BPS folk lore. "The Exploding Sheep" actually got a credit in 1978. Our vinyl album " Roll It Up And Eat It," claims to "feature" them! But they existed only in our minds!

    I think it might have been  Garsi who coined the actual name "Black Parrot Seaside"-but I'm not sure. We were mucking about with "good names for Bands" one day-way before we actually had a real one-and it was in a long shortlist. When we were youngsters we used to design imaginary Posters for these mythical bands and artistes. When we finally came to form a group-and whenever we felt perhaps the BPS brand needed revisiting-out would come the list. So we could have been any of these:

Asthma Sunrise                    The Sad Tree                                 
 Steel Sam                            Rabbit Basil          
The Evening                         Rosebud Gravy                               
The Rose Tower                   The Magic Dog        
Roneo Cheats                      Argohorse                           
Electric Friend                      Dry Riser Inlet                                
Big Wickerwork Penny        The Thirsty Toy Dragon   
The McClean Piece              Kleefy's Metal Tent 
Duckbuster                           Captain Reindeers Blues Band        
Mustang                                Sponchy's Yellow Refrigerator       
Brass Cottage                       Ernie Tree's Plastic Ranch  
Mob Rule                              Lizardry
Helligan Ferry                      The Giraffe's Green Watch              
Nightfighter                           Skybone                                          
Ron Computer                      Bill Swarfega & The Zeniths 
We Applaud Smoke             The Wag of Shop 14      
 White Mathematics             Brutus            
The Lupin Who Became a Policeman  

   Mercifully, we weren't ever called any of those, although we were called a lot worse at one or two gigs!  History shows however, that " The Wag of Shop 14" and "Brutus" eventually became  songs on our set list. Orville Cosmo, Ted Explosion and Morce McCame also got some album credits. 
   Arnold was in Satin Pig and Milestones  before he  joined The Parrot. We have also actually appeared at various  venues as "Buzzard's Luck" and "The Grit Tray."  The Blog of course refers to another BPS Song-"The Bold Pirate," and if we ever had a Tour it might be "Mac Awe on Tour." 

     A few years back, along with a friend,  we got very close to launching a new monthly Folk and Acoustic venue in Coventry. We had the room booked,in a big complex on a major bus route. We had a shortlist of artistes to be featured. The Residency and M.C. duties were sorted. Our own P.A.  Great room, with its own separate bar, dispensing Real Ale. Lovely furnishings, Dance floor. We'd  even done Sound checks.  Excellent (free) parking. The venue were very excited about it-they still talk rather wistfully about how close it all got to actually happening. Trouble was...we couldn't agree on a name, and the whole project went Base Over Apex. ....Hang on...let me just   write that down somewhere....