Thursday, 7 May 2015

May 6th at Nuneaton Folk Club

 NFC Guest Report from John Kearney 

         Absolutely superb night at NFC last evening. All the performers excelled and the variety of different styles was breathtaking.
     Nunc harmonised like angels, Kane Foster played ethereal music on a set of pipes which looked like a major feat of engineering. Peter MacPartland treated the crowd to some sensitive interpretations of some fine songs. Dipped Sheep were bluesy, ballsy, bassy and brilliant. My first time seeing them and I am really looking forward to seeing them again.
     Raintown Seers (or at least three quarters of them) gave us songs of love, death, ghosts and fishing, wrapped up in tasteful playing with tight harmonies.
Scarecrow can get stuffed. (Think about it)
  Scarecrow are so good it's almost unfair, they make music which is both interesting to hear and which makes you happy.
And they stand up, too!
     Which brings me to the incomparable Bill Bates. Bill is one of the most gifted performers I have had the pleasure of seeing. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry . He is both hilarious and moving in equal measure.
The incomparable Leamington Nightingale, Bill Bates.

      His knack for holding an audience in the palm of his hand, seemingly effortlessly, is a true joy. He writes great songs and plays them with real feeling. Last night he had people literally falling off the chair laughing (I can confirm this because I caught them before they hit the floor ). He also silenced the same crowd with a beautiful rendition of what I think is his finest song "Madhouse ". You could have heard a pin drop. All in all, musically one of the best nights yet at NFC. So no pressure on Jan and I for next month!

John Kearney