Friday, 5 August 2016

An August Moment

      Some Folk Clubs close during August because of the holidays or because some of their regulars are away at Festivals. Local ones including NFC don't. Last August, Winter Wilson (understandably!) pulled them in at The Crown and last Wednesday (3rd August) we had a good crowd turn up again, to see two talented home-grown Warwickshire-based acts share the Guest Spot.
     The first half Feature set came from Nuneaton duo KC Jones, regular visitors to the club. Karen's fine voice and Colin's excellent guitar work combined to give us a nice selection of songs. Some of their own such as “Hey!” and “The Ivory Battle” and some nice singalong covers including a Mary Black Song and a spirited version of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” to round off the First Half.
K.C. Jones

Our second guest spot saw the night finished off with two encores from Chris Tobin. He had to travel a little further, but his papers were all in order and he managed to cross the M69 without challenge. Chris is a good guitarist with a lot of nifty tricks and a fine voice. His carefully crafted arrangements really got our audience singing and tapping their feet. He had so many requests he couldn't fit them all in!
Mr Tobin in full song
   Nunc (alsa minus the holidaying John Kearney) had opened the first half with “ 'T'was On an April Morning," and “All The Good Times.” 
    Our very own Sound man Matt Mallen Allen then followed us, with “Down Where The Drunkards Roll " and one of his own. 
Matt Mallen Allen. A Sound Man. 
     Next up was Max Wright, showing off the new guitar which he'd purchased in York earlier in the week. “ This Land is Your Land” went down well, with the audience joining in with  the choruses enthusiastically.
That's a lovely machine, Max!
     Amelia Roberts made her debut next, with two of her own songs. A voice which (in the nicest possible sense) was difficult to pin a label to. Amelia is married to Dan Gascoigne- Talented couple. 
Amelia Roberts debuts at NFC
     Malc Gurnham had been doing some tinkering with songs he already does, and he gave us new arrangements of John Richards's fabulous “Shine On” and “Union Miners Stand Together.” He also did a moving version of a song about the Aberfan disaster.
Malc Gurnham giving it some welly
       I'd been trying to get Glyn Finch to come along and entertain the NFC crowd since appearing with him at Drapers and The Twisted Barrel in Coventry. His unique version of “She Moved Through The Fair” won him some new friends, and he then added a very competent version of a Skip James song and one of his own.
Glyn Finch gets his head down

     Thrup'nny Bits warmed up for KC Jones with an a cappella trio from the front of house-eschewing all forms of artificial amplification! This had the added bonus of giving Matt a chance to crawl round the back of the stage to surreptitiously replace a dodgy DI battery which had been causing us a bit of concern earlier on. He thought no-one had spotted him-but he was wrong.
Matt is praying that the battery works
Des Gareth and Barbara had a virtual pop-up shop of CD's with them and performed three songs from their latest one.
Gareth Wyatt leading from the front

Nunc did “Bring It On Home” to kick off the second half, and then the raffle saw an interesting selection of prizes distributed amongst a fairly satisfied audience.
     All in all a very eclectic evening with all seats filled and standing room only at the back. One of the nicest things about NFC is the number of artistes who come along to support the event even though they don't have a floor spot. For example, noted in the audience and adding their vocal talent to the choruses were Comharsa's Mick Stanley,Maria Barham, Brian Philips, Sue Phipps , George Van Ristell and Joe Roberts.
long shot from half way up the room

      Afterwards there were some lovely comments on the Nuneaton Folk Club  Facebook Page, but my favourite one came from two young ladies who were joining us for the first time. They seemed to be having a whale of time each time I saw them and one of them later confirmed this by posting “ Amazing Night! Thanks Guys. You were all brilliant.” Makes it all worthwhile reading stuff like that.  I think they'll be back!