Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Mac Awe On Tap

       The annual bash at Nuneaton Beer festival saw a few personnel changes for this year's Friday Night entertainment. Upstairs in the mighty Co-op Hall, Dugdale Street, this fluid co-operative (made up of Nunc and Blues Monkey this year), did two 50 minute sets, serenading Tickers and Topers alike with an eclectic mix of music. 
          Yes it's that time of year when, courtesy of Ray Buckler Roger Brown and Barry of Nuneaton CAMRA,  this loose collective of musicians known generically as Mac Awe On Tour changes from a virtual band to a real outfit.  Courtesy of NFC Sound Men Matt Mallen Allen (loaning the equipment) and  Dave Smart (driving it).  
      Quite a lot of local musicians have guested for MOT since we started doing this a few years back. This year's line-up had (back from previous line-ups) Flossy McDougal. Geoff Veasey and John Kearney, all from Nunc. Jon Harrington (Harp) and Paul Moore (lead guitar) from Blues Monkey joined us, and John's son Brendan flew in from Cork to play bass ,cajon and sundry other instruments.  
Dave Smart supervises the Mix. Look carefully and you'll see Brendan.
     As before, the two sets comprised a mixture of Blues,Folk Country and contemporary music. Our playlist included two Robert Johnson songs as well as blues from Leroy Carr Little Willie John and Jimmy Reed. Folk music included examples of songs written by Woody Guthrie, The Incredible String Band and Richard Thompson.
Paul is about to Duck Walk. Or he's trapped his finger.
      From a general pop category we  included hits by  Bob Marley, Petula Clark, Eddie Reader,Bob Dylan, two songs originally recorded by The Everley Brothers and Buddy Holly, The Beatles and The Stones. Some of which will have been subjected to the infamous Nunc 'Mash-Ups' -running one song into another at an unexpected tempo or offering  a very different arrangement to the original. 

       Country, and U.S. influences mean we'll probably be doing songs by Casey Chambers, two from Neil Young, and others originally recorded by John Prine. We had a great night and the beer wasn't bad, either. Most of us  sampling the provenance. Nuneaton Folk Club were among local organisations sponsoring a barrel, and their choice, Cwtch,provided  by the Welsh Tiny Rebel Brewery got lips smacking all round. Local breweries represented included Byatts,(Coventry)  and Church Farm, Church End (confusing,eh?) Kendricks and Sperrin (all from Warwickshire.
Dave Smart's gone off to top up his beer.

   "For those who like this kind of thing,"  (courtesy of Fred Bison) here's the complete set list.

How Long Blues
 Black Jack David
Vigilante Man 
Need Your Love So Bad 
Shame Shame Shame 
After The Gold Rush 
Rave On/Everyday 
When will I be loved/Bye Bye Love 
Love In Vain 
I saw her standing there
All Over Now 
If I had Possesssion
 When I get to the Border 
Sitting on Top Of The World
Cold Haily Windy Night 
Standing Round Crying 
Weather With You 
Down Where The   Drunkards Roll 
All Gotta Die Some Day 
Angel from Montgomery 
Bring It On Home
Don't Worry/Wild Rover
Knocking On Heaven's Door