Friday, 6 October 2017

A Place for Zoe.

     Those who know our back story will know about the events which led to us losing two newborn twin grandsons at UCH some time ago. Saying goodbye to my son's children and holding their tiny hands in the incubators troubled me greatly. At the same time  few days later, my daughter miscarried. Three lives gone. For a long time afterwards I struggled with my emotions whenever visiting UCH, which I had to do fairly often. Rob and Ray will never be forgotten. We had to register their births and attend their funeral, so their place on the family tree is assured. 
       However, there is a happy ending,as both my son and my daughter presented us with a grandson and a granddaughter respectively, arriving within a couple of months of each other in 2016. Reuben and Lily have brought back sunshine into our lives.

        Part of what haunted me at UCH as a visitor to the Neo Natal Unit over those few sad days was the looks on the faces of young parents there. Some elated:some in utter despair. For a long time I wanted to do something practical to help, and by contributing to Zoe's Place, courtesy of an invite from Hilary Wilson last Saturday, I was finally able to.
      Last weekend Nunc were part of a Charity Marathon at the Nursery Tavern in Chapelfields,Coventry. The event was to raise funds for Zoe's Place which is a Baby Hospice. Nunc and Blues Monkey combined into a six piece to open,with a set just under an hour long. We'd actually taken to meeting up to rehearse together during August. As you can see-we all took it very seriously. 

       Nunc Monkey comprised Flossy, John,Geoff from Nunc  and Monkey boys Jon Harrington,Paul Moore and Dennis. Thus we had the luxury of two guitars,percussion and Jon's multibox of harps,expertly pushed through a very useful P.A.  I was chuffed to be back at The Tav. It really is a delightful booser-one of many in this area-and although I'd eaten and had a beer before, this was the first time I'd got to play there. 
      The event was due to take place in the pub garden, with a Gazebo, but wind and rain had set in by 4pm so we drew the curtains to shut it out and played in front of the door,instead. Six of us crammed into a small stage area was a little notional. Idiot dancing was definitely off the menu. Poor Dennis with his washboard,High Hat and sundry items got trapped at the back so that all you could see of him in the photos is arms and knees sticking out. Paul, resplendent in snappy suit, white tie and Trilby,chose to sit separately on a bench seat,but even so-it got very cosy. 
       In the picture below Paul has lost his hat, what with all the excitement and all. One of the most enjoyable experiences was when we handed over the chorus singing of "Knocking On Heaven's Door" to the audience-and not only did they take it up-it spread to the other two rooms.
      We stayed there five hours, so didn't catch all the sets,but I managed to catch  Amelia Roberts, One Trick Pony, Tilt ,Dan Gascoigne,Wilson Wright, Anna Ryder and a few others. The running  list is above. One minor bit of excitement came when we were all blowing up balloons for decorative purposes and I found at the hard way that I have an anaphylactic reaction to latex! Fortunately, after the set, my lips swelled up and I came out in lumps. Fortunately I was able to carry on drinking my way through "The Tav"s fine collection of real ales. But it gave everyone a laugh as it looked like I been slapped by a cage fighter.  
      Though it was for a serious cause, we had lots of fun fund raising. Hilary Wilson and her team'family of helpers deserve the highest praise for the work they put in. Making sandwiches, co-ordinating the running order,putting up decorations, and something involving a giant marrow wearing a hat which I never got round to fully understanding. 

. For the nerdly Nunc/Monkey minded the Set list was:
  1. How Long Blues 
  2. All Gotta Die Some day 
  3. Weather With You
  4. If I Had Possession 
  5. Freedom/Ohio
  6. Vigilante Man
  7. Perfect
  8. Angel From Montgomery 
  9. Knockin On Heaven's Door 
  10. Don't Worry 
  11. Bring it On Home 
  12. Pack Up Your Troubles