Thursday, 15 March 2018

Use it-or lose it

This is a call to arms to the musicians of Coventry,Warwickshire and Leicestershire.  John and Ann Harris have put a lot of time and some of their money into launching advertising and promoting (yet another) good "Live" music venue in our part of the world. The Anker Blues Sessions, currently at The Anker Inn in Weddington Road, Nuneaton are on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. A few others have put a few bob in too. Nuncmonkey featured there in January and donated our appearance fee back into the kitty,and loads of folk have donated raffle prizes. 

Our area is well blessed with many brilliant musicians,and receptive audiences. Three or Four decent Folk Clubs, the Fox Sessions in Attleborough each Monday, Sly Old Dogs out at Wood Farm Sunday Nights and plenty of Open Mic opportunities. But there is plenty of room for one more like this though, where solo performances, amazing band collaborations of like minded musicians take to the stage,jam and have a damn good time.
        John and Ann will lose the venue by July and already there is talk of where to take it on to next. ( There should be no "If" ). This is the most fun you can have locally whilst keeping your clothes on. The "Blues" thing is actually a  misnomer. Like all of our local venues you can hear Blues,Folk,Roots,Country,Americana,Rock and Roll, Soul, Cajun, Crossover and plenty of other genres besides. The sort of eclectic mix  we play on "Anker Folk" Radio shows twice a month. Come and have a look. There's a good stage, an excellent P.A. and some decent beer on. It's an ego-free zone-everyone is there to sing or play or sing along and have a good time. God knows we have few enough of those at the moment folks,eh? 
           So far there we've had Nuncmonkey, Michael Luntley, Pete McParland, Simon and Sally Anne Veasey, Rob Oakey, Dragonhead, Paul Moore, Jon Harrington,John Kearney, Geoff Veasey, Lesley Wilson,Angus Ellis, Wes Hall and many more. So get out there, second or fourth week of the month and enjoy The Craic. Free admission-funds are raised with an interval raffle. The pub has done lots to encourage live music and live theatre but the management is soon to change and so there is no guarantee that things will continue here.   
       Numbers were  thin on the ground on Tuesday-perhaps because Kevin Dempsey was scheduled to be on in Beduff the following night.It didn't stop us having an absolute blast-AGAIN! Both Lesley Wilson and Rob Oakey joined us for the first time and they were soon dragged into the action. Lesley protested that she was no Blueswoman-then got up and blasted out a couple of raunchy numbers using a borrowed guitar. Rob did a first half floor spot, but was also press-ganged on several occasions to come up and blow harp with several of the other acts. 
       Yes, there were some blues numbers. I sang "Guilty."  "If I Had Possession,"  "How Long Blues" and "Standing Round Crying."  When you are fronting a band that good it's easy to sound authentic. JK did "Copperhead Road " with a different line-up.Paul Moore did " My old friend The Blues," and "Hometown Blues " (We like Steve Earle).  Rob Oakey did "Cocaine" and "San Francisco Blues." And virtually the whole company piled onto the stage to do that well-known Blues "Mustang Sally " as a Finale. 
      Tuesday 27th March is the next session. Be good to see you there.