Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Way we Were Part One

A very early photograph , perhaps around 1976, of The electric Seaside, preparing to go on the road. I'm not entirely sure who all these people are, but left to right we have:
 Mick Harris (keyboards) :Jeff Powles (drummer): Franklyn Rainwater: (roadie) :Arnold (guitarist):unknown mate of Arnold's (roadie) :Martin Storr (roadie): Barry Ousby (bassist)  , and Eliak aka Nigel Clemons, with the magnificent Afro. He looks set to take some photos,though he often helped out with sound.  Band members not in the photo were: Geoff and Graham, the two vocalists.
    From this picture line-up I'd guess we were off to either Warwick University or St. Paul's College Rugby. We filled the Close up with vehicles, although it looks as if Jeff is trying to load all his drums into his van. That's Arn's valve amp at the front, I think. And yes, that is a 17th Century flintlock musket  propped up against it! (Don't ask!)  Interesting that the Road Crew are looking at the equipment rather than attempting to lift it into vans.
This is a fuzzier, later photo of us, with a few personnel changes. Taken just before taking the stage at Hitchin Polytechnic. As part of their Rag Ball. We played Support to Rocky Sharp and The Razors. Who would soon after change their names to The Darts. Left to right: Martin Smalldon (Bass):Arnold (guitars) Graham, aka Garsi (vocals): Vance Ectomy (drummer) : Geoff Veasey (vocals): Mick Harris (keyboards). Vance aside, still lots of hair! An interesting evening was to follow.
I'll try to put these in the Gallery section on the BPS website. They might look clearer or bigger there!