Monday, 31 March 2014

BPS- Midlands Festival date 26th-27th July 2014

    Nahh! Not the one we've been excluded from for the last 35 years! Very little  chance of Hell freezing over, there, we've been told!   (Whatever!)  
     We will be appearing instead that same weekend(as we did last year) at another Midlands festival, outside our Home county of Warwickshire. With a stage, fully amplified via a sound system and all under cover.  A late bar will be offering 55+ real ales-as opposed to the handful or so available at any other midlands  festival.
   Our appearance will be at a  three day event, with  camping and caravanning available on site and nearby  There are a host of other activities already booked including Punch & Judy, Trade stands, Morris Dancing, hot and cold food and a Transport rally.  Admission will be 21 times cheaper than you-know-where , and for some it will be free.
  Depending on the scheduled times, we hope to recruit a few other  artistes or bands similarly excluded from entertainments over the border that weekend. We hope  to help arrange a programme of FREE folk and acoustic entertainment. Anyone interested in joining us-by all means get in touch using the usual channels.  
    Times and format are yet to be finalised, so we won't reveal details  just yet. Last year, there were big crowds at the event we are playing, and there will be possibly bigger ones this time round.  

    Incidentally, for the sake of accuracy-we make a request to play that "other" event annually. Not the Main event-we're not that up our own chuffs, and we know we're not big enough or famous enough to fill a main stage or a side stage. But we know there are Fringe events each year, which many local acts play. We'd be happy to play them for nothing, and each year, well in time, before programmes are finalised,  we offer to do so. Formally, filling out the appropriate paperwork, then responding to requests for info, sending contact details and demos. And each year we are turned down.