Friday, 23 January 2015

Mac Awe on The Road (2)

      Last night  saw Mac Awe On Tour return to The Tump Folk Club, based in the Humber Hotel,Coventry. Near to where I grew up. I even found a framed map on one wall, showing my old house in Northfield Road. The décor inside this room, with its panelled walls, standard lamps, old-style settees, fireplaces and a Bagatelle table, is a history lesson in itself. It ought to be a listed building.
    I hadn't been there since well before Christmas. Since when a lot of water has flown beneath a lot of bridges. It was another freezing cold night, but a warm welcome awaited us inside for a pleasantly relaxed Performers Night. Next week the Tump have Fairport Convention covers band Meet On The Ledge as their guests-bound to be a bit more frenetic then!
   We had last night, not one, but two duos featuring a Jan. One was Jan and Terry Wisdom-I count them as old friends, and the banter was good. Their divine blend of driving guitar sounds, lovely harmonies and their eclectic choice of song made it worth turning up for them alone. Add Terry's supremely cool solos-added to every song-and Jan's pitch- perfect voice, it was a real treat. Highlights for me:  their adaptations of "Sultans of Swing" (at my request), and Chris Rea's "Road To Hell."  Excellent.
  The other duo there was Campbell and Jan.  Who I'd not seen or heard before. This club sometimes also featured spots from Campbell McKee-so we could have had (but didn't) two Campbells and two jans.. They played a mix of covers and originals, using guitar and piano accordion as accompaniment. Oh...and percussive eggs. "North Bridge" was one of theirs, whereas " Travellin' Light" was one of Harry Webb's-as Karen referred to him.
    Colin Squire took us on a U.K. tour, to Yarmouth, Stockton and Durham Town as well as covering a Bob Brooker song off his "Our Home is By The Sea " album. That took us to Grimsby and it would have the Old Boy himself breathless with excitement. There was a definite piscatorial flavour to Colin's choice of songs last night.  
     Cheryl was there too, plucking and strumming a collection of challenging instrumentals including "Ashokan Farewell" and "Jessica,"-the Allman Brothers tune which became Top Gear's signature.
    I did Ewan McColl's "Shoals of Herring," Rod Felton's "Curly" my own "Down Our Street," and  " All Over Now."    So as well as all the original compositions, we had covers of Abba, Mark Knopfler, Leon Rosselson, Bobby Womack, Cliff Richard and Bob Brooker. Now where else could that happen?