Friday, 30 January 2015

Nunc scrum down at The Rugby Club

A fifth venue for me inside nine days on Wednesday last, but this time as part of NUNC.
Nunc at Nuneaton. (Easy for you to say).
     This was only our second public appearance, our first outing having been at Nuneaton Folk Club in December. The evening was a  fund-raiser for Bedworth Folk Festival, at Bedworth Rugby Football Club, with a second half extended set from the divine Terry and Jan Wisdom. 
    A fascinating and diverse array of floor singers were fairly hustled through an eclectic first half by Host Malc Gurnham.  Malc and Gill themselves kicked events off, bickering, singing  and heckling the audience appealingly.
    They were followed by Mr. Joe Roberts, ( no longer the Oldest Swinger in Town) and his unique rendition of that Norfolk gem " Have you got a Loight boy?" Not so much the Singing Postman as The Singing Postbox. Dave Webb's spot  included a recitation on how an Angel came down from heaven to demonstrate correct procedure on Yorkshire Pudding mixes. Dave Parr continued his "Songs of Sex and Death " Tour with two morbid tunes celebrating well, very little, but making us chuckle nonetheless. Looking forward to the album, Dave. Great title!
      John Kearney, looking tanned and less windswept after his sojourn in Florida, pulled a surprise out of the hat with "We shall overcome. " Beautifully sung with not a Jolly Boy in sight. Phil Benson had used an iPad on a stick, (there's posh for you)  to tease two further rounds of very good chorus singing from the audience. Peter McParland decided not to risk any Peter Sarstedt and gave us a couple of nostalgic songs, whilst  Katherine Fear's contribution included her journey song about her Granny's relocation from the  Forest of Dean to the coalfields of Warwickshire.
      Nunc were introduced as not quite new to the club.  I'd done solo and BPS gigs there previously and Fi had appeared there with Pennyroyal in the past. This felt quite definitely like a debut. We sang "Boys of Bedlam," "After The Goldrush " and "Rave On."  The audience joined in enthusiastically. 
    Jan and Campbell followed us. Malc introduced them as  that rare item "Bedworth Virgins."  I'd seen them at The Tump last week. Their debut was well received, and completed a rousing if slightly hectic first half. We hurtled through the interval raffle and then Malc and Gill did a couple  before Jan and Terry took charge. 
    Another excellent session from them, with songs old and new, and a slightly naughty one from Terry which really could have been written by Black Parrot Seaside. 
   Another super night and a few more pennies towards the Beduff Folk festival in November.